Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DIY Headboard...sort of.

So, I really wouldn't dare to call this a true tutorial on how to create an upholstered headboard. For something really detailed that will most likely deliver more perfect results, I suggest this tutorial from design*sponge. (It even includes a video!)

I used that and this little illustration from to help me sort of cheat my way to an upholstered headboard.

Oh, that and a lot of spray adhesive.

So, here's the before shot:

It was sort of put together throughout the past few years look that I wanted changed!

So....I did get some plywood cut to fit behind my iron headboard-type thing. But, securing it to the headboard was presenting a bit of a challenge and so I decided to just go straight for the foam. Now, this is where I may lose some purists. That's ok. I understand. This isn't going to be moved very often, and I wanted structure, but the foam provided enough substance and structure without the stiffness of the board. I did have to compromise on the tautness of the fabric in the end since you are not heavy-duty stapling fabric to foam. But it's been up almost two weeks now and is still sturdy. So there you have it.

I bought some 2" thick high-density foam from Hancock Fabrics.

And traced where I needed to cut to fit. Then, using an electric carving knife, you just slice right through the foam! (It was very therapeutic!)

The foam wasn't quite high enough for what I needed, but was longer than I needed. So I just pieced together the remaining foam (it was in two pieces) and spray-adhered them to the headboard.

I just sprayed this puppy directly to the iron. This wasn't anything I was worried about ruining, plus I could always rip the foam off if it really didn't work and display the non-ruined side.

But it stuck. Well. Really, really well. That spray adhesive doesn't mess around!

Then I wrapped and tucked and spray adhered the batting. I pinned the batting before I sprayed, just to get a general idea of fit/look before actually adhering it to the foam. This picture was taken with just the pins in place. It was much more taut and even after spraying. (That's important.)

So...the fabric. I chose my favorite toile pattern again. The only problem there is the fabric wasn't wide enough for my headboard and since it's a repeating pattern, you can't just flip the fabric. So.....I had to get two cuts of fabric and connect them. I'm a non-sewer, so I just used the iron-on hemming tape and it worked really well. Connecting toile patterns is something I don't want to do again in the near future.

But it looks really seamless - you really can't tell it's two different pieces unless you're up very very close. See...

I also replaced our old duvet with a white duvet and shams from - it was less than 30 dollars shipped! Love that place. And it's bleachable - so very kid friendly.

(I tried getting a great "after" photo - but there was no natural light to be had and my room is a little on the tiny side, so standing back far enough to really get a good photo was presenting a challenge.)

My next to-do is to add a few more throw pillows for softness, but this is all about a step at a time, right?

Let me know if you tackle your headboard.

Also, I'm going to have an exciting giveaway coming up next week - that will be especially helpful will all of the holiday cooking coming up!! So, stay tuned for that!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sneak Peek....

...I know it's Tuesday, but I found this amazing deal on another favorite blog (Our Suburban Cottage) and I had to share. It's a year subscription to Real Simple magazine - a total favorite of mine. (I always have to sneak our library's copy into the storytime room to read while my kids are occupied.)

Anyway, a whole YEAR for 5 BUCKS! This would make a perfect gift for Christmas - there are other magazines up for that same price:

Southern Living

Entertainment Weekly (it's $10, but it comes weekly...)

House Beautiful

Finally, I will be posting tomorrow as regularly scheduled... Here's a sneak peek:

See you tomorrow!