Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chalkboard Labels

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Count me as one of the many people who have fallen in love with the chalkboard spray paint. There are TONS of great posts out there in blogland showing what you can transform into a fun chalkboard with the help of a little Krylon Chalkboard spray paint. I decided to make some chalkboard labels - they were SO easy and cheap. I think (not counting the spray paint, which I already had in my arsenal) the total was less than $4.00.

Here's what I did. First, I bought these puppies at Hobby Lobby - they are in the back of the store next to all sorts of wood projects.

I think there were 8 thin pieces of wood for $.99 - not too shabby. There are TONS of different shapes - I went for the plain rectangle shape.

Then pull out your trusty can of chalkboard spray paint. I think it took about three thin coats to get it covered sufficiently. Then you let it dry overnight (as torturous as waiting for things to dry is, my experience with chalkboard paint is LET IT DRY).

Then, I usually just swipe the newly created chalkboard label with the side of a piece of chalk. The paint can suggests you do this, so I just follow the directions and it works. (Maybe like seasoning a new skillet or something?) I supposed you could live on the edge and just start writing on it - who knows?

Then, because I am using these as labels - I drilled two tiny holes in the top. I threaded it with some black ribbon (could have used white for contrast now that I think about it) and labels for my linen closet and laundry hamper.

Next week, I'll show you what happens when chalkboard paint and a filing cabinet collide. It's good - oh yeah, it's good.

How do you feel about chalkboard paint? Have you used it in an interesting or fun way? If so, let me know about it! I would love to share your ideas here on A Home in Progress.

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  1. I love how versatile this is!!

  2. Those came out really cute. I haven't used chalkboard paint yet because all I own is packed up, sold or donated till hubby is out of school but I do plan on using it.

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    Its So Very Cheri

  3. Very cute idea. When all else fails, chalkboard paint will come to the rescue every time. ;)

  4. I used it for the first time to paint a green chalkboard that my daughter gave me black. I am surprised at how quickly it dried. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that the chalk can't be erased with an eraser, you have to use a slightly damp cloth. Other than that, it's great!

  5. i love these!! i've been wanting to do something like this for my pantry. i need to try this. i LOVE chalkboard paint.

    i host a goodwill party every wednesday, stop by and link up! :)

  6. Those are so cute, except i just KNOW that they would always have things like Jedi's carrying lightsabers drawn on them if they were in my house. LOL

  7. ok. i MUST get some chalkboard paint. so adorable!

  8. I STILL love those.

    I hope you will come on over for a visit.
    Tonight is the cut off for the Celebrating Home give-a-way.

  9. Agghhhh! I can think of millions of things to do with these! LOVE IT!