Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cute Pumpkins & What Home Means to Me

Carving pumpkins is an idea that I always love at first – and then before I’m done scraping the insides totally want to be done.  So when I saw this post from Living with Lindsay it just spoke to me.  I didn’t get the sticky-backed felt that Lindsay recommends, but hot glue worked just fine. 




Also, a little note for the fantastic people who follow this little old blog (i.e., mom)…. I love doing this.  I love finding little projects to help make my home more comfortable, plus having a hobby of my own is sanity saving!  I have to say I would love to have the time and energy to post something creative every day like some of my favorite bloggers. 

That being said, when it comes to a home, even if it is a home in progress, the most important thing about a home is the people in it.  My kids don’t care if that shutter will tie in the hutch color from the front room – they want to finish that puzzle, go the library, play hide-and-go-seek (a new favorite).  So in order to be here more for them, and less for my furnishings, instead of feeling guilty that I don’t post daily – I’m just going to try to have a weekly post.  (Until I get better at this time management thing seriously how do some of my favorite favorites get everything done?)  So check back on Wednesdays – that’s a good blog post day, yeah? 

Thanks for sticking with me – and send me your projects!


  1. My dryer's broken, car's broken, computer's broken, etc. etc. I really haven't figured out how to add one more thing (like DIY home projects) into the mix! So, I decided to save myself and my home some sanity and I put the dresser in the garage (the door keeps coming off) and I will only tackle projects I can do in under an recovering the boy's lamp, making a couple of magnet boards, etc. Until Noall's starts working less or actually has a day off when we don't have something major to FIX around the house!

  2. Good for you! I try to only work on my projects when my son is napping or when he's at his 2 morning a week preschool, and I only write up my posts in the evening after he's in bed. He does like to help with some projects when he can, though, so that's been fun for us to do things like that together.

  3. I hear you about time management! My blog has been neglected for some time now. I'll be looking forward to Wednesdays then. :)