Monday, October 5, 2009

Touches of Fall

Unlike so many of my home-decor blogging friends, I haven’t had one ounce of inspiration to start decorating for fall!  I think it’s because I lost my fall decorations box when I moved last year have been so busy! 

I made a trip to the closest Goodwill on Friday to see what I could find.  That’s when I found these babies, who at $2 bucks each, came home with me.



They needed a little love, but that’s nothing a little black spray paint couldn’t fix.  I sprayed them black, then put a couple of little 3/$1 gourds on top. 


Something was missing.  I had a little wicker cornucopia (it’s true I needed spell check to spell cornucopia correctly.  Hey, it’s Monday!) I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  I love it because it’s not so Halloween-y that I can only use it for October, it’s a great Fall piece.  Which means I don’t have to change it until after Thanksgiving! 

Anyway, I added some fall stems, also at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  (Side note: I’m told that all of their fall items will go up to 90% off in the next several weeks.  This would be a good time to stock up for next year.)  Because I didn’t have enough stems to look as full as I wanted it to, I just used some floral foam in the bottom of the cornucopia to keep the stems from all falling to one side.  



Much better!  I had a few left over gourds, so I put them on a rimmed serving platter, filled a regular vase with some candy corn, and had a one-minute, $1 fall centerpiece for the dining room table.

IMG_8030It looked a little plain, so I took a few of the berry stems and leaves from the bottom of my floral stems I used in the cornucopia.      

IMG_8056Much better! Not bad for fifteen minutes of a Sunday afternoon. 

Have you started decorating for fall?  Any tips for getting motivated?  Bath and Body Works has their Slatkin & Co. candles 2/$20 this week, maybe a fall scented candle would put me in the fall spirit?  It’s worth a shot, right???


  1. Oh dear, I love this! Will you come decorate my house?!

  2. I am SO jealous you found those candlesticks....they are awesome! I just paid about $9 a piece for some almost just like them. I even like them before you spray painted them black. They look so cute with your little gourds on them. Love it!

  3. One of the things I love doing, and so does my daughter, is going around the neighborhood and picking up colorful fall leaves. Then I do what you did with the candy corn and fill up a vase. I also like to cut down some branches with fall leaves and sprout them out the top (aren't you glad you're not my neighbor)?! Actually, I don't cut down my neighbor's trees just the city ones! ;) I love decorating for free!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Is that the cutest stuff ever! I seriously need to get some shelves or some sort of table to be able to put decorations on. I don't have anywhere to put them. Thanks for the ideas! Keep the coming and I hope to be able to do a project that I can share!

  5. What a lovely blog. I love your inspiring posts. You are so talented!