Monday, August 31, 2009

A Quick Change

Does anybody else just hate having to decorate that awkward space between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling in your kitchen? Confession...this is what that space looked like in my kitchen for the first, oh, nine months we were in this house.

Yikes. It was a convenient place to store those nice, big mixing bowls that I only seem to use every year around the holidays. But I didn't LOVE the way it looked. mom came to visit, took me to Hobby Lobby and we came up with this:

Much better!!!! The red vase on the left I already had in my basement, the key-shaped candleholder was on clearance at HobLob for 3 smack-a-roos, and the four plates are actually chargers that were less than 2 bucks a piece.

I have loved having something nice in the area where I spend a LOT of my time during the day! Lately, though, I've just been getting the itch to spray paint SOMETHING (you all know how that feels, right? Right???) and I just wasn't feeling the red of the plates. Too much color, maybe? (Sorry, mom.)

Considering they were $1.75 plastic chargers from Hobby Lobby, I thought "Why not?" and broke out the Rustoleum.

And I have to say, I LOVE the results!!!! Now it looks all white and creamy (much more my style lately) and like nice pieces of china. Extra credit for the Curious George white board on the fridge. Gotta love having toddlers in the house - they have their own decorating style, don't they????

What have you spray painted lately?


  1. I haven't spray painted anything lately. But I do hate that space and trying to decorate it. Mine is kind of cluttered looking right now. I need HELP making it look right. :/

  2. I spray painted some door hangers that I'll be posting about soon!

  3. I love it! I have the same problem currently in my kitchen and this definitely inspires me. I think the white plates look great!

  4. I Love Your Blog! So, so fun. And spray paint might be the coolest thing ever for quick face lifts. I painted our guest bathroom a while ago and the black tea light holder from IKEA just wasn't fitting it. So I spray painted it a subtle gold and then went over with a light coat of forest green. I am much happier with it now and looking forward to redoing the wall sconses for in there the same way. Keep up the great ideas, I'm loving it!