Monday, September 14, 2009

Adorable Girl's Room!

Yay for project submissions!!! This comes from a good friend of mine, Brenda. Not only did she do a super cute job on her girl's room (more details below) she also has a great cooking blog! I'm trying the enchiladas later this week and am so excited.....mmmmm.....

Anyway....back to decorating. She sent me the pictures and the "how-to" in her own words, so here's Brenda!

A few years ago, I got wood letters that spell Ellie's name and had my dad cut 8X8 squares of wood that were about 1-2 inches thick. I painted the squares white and then put scrapbook paper over top and glued the letters on the squares. I modpodged the entire thing and it turned out a disaster! I never hung them up because they turned out so bad. I finally found a way to use them in a way I like! (insert: need better camera for things such as this!)

This really does not do it justice.

What I changed:
I took the letters off the squares and put scrapbook paper I had on hand on the letters instead of leaving them white. I then tore off the old scrapbook paper off the squares and picked a more easily matchable paper to put on it. I used spray adhesive to get the paper to stick to the wood and letters. Don't let any get on your fingers or you will make smudges on the scrapbook paper.

I then took these cardboard squares I had gotten at a thrift store for a dollar (for the entire pack) and put them over top the scrapbook paper on the square to make my own "art":

The square wood board with the smaller cardboard squares attached

I had bought a pottery barn butterfly mobile at a garage sale for a dollar and I took the butterflies off and hooked them onto two letters. I just used the wire all ready on the butterfly to make it so I could remove it if we changed themes. My mom had gotten us butterfly nets at Michaels for a few dollars and so we had all ready sawed half of the stick down, I was able to use it as decor under the letters. I just used two push pins to get it to stay. I then attached the other butterflies also using their metal wires to the net. If I only had a better camera! Sorry for the horrible lighting.

The net

Butterfly attached to the "E"

Thanks, Brenda! I seriously think my favorite part of this was that she tried something, it didn't work out, and so she figured out a new use for it! I think it's fabulous and perfect for a little girl's room. Don't forget to check out her cooking blog: "B Dub's Cafe" (love that name!) for some great step-by-step cooking inspiration!


  1. What a really cute project! I love how you dressed up the letters and didn't just leave them plain. What a focal point!

  2. Thats really cute! I love the butterfly net.