Thursday, September 24, 2009

KISS Principle

(I think the text in some of the previous posts was a bit LARGE so I'm going to see if doing it a bit smaller is easier on my eyes. Sorry for the inconsistencies for those of you who notice that sort of thing.)

First of all, WOW to the great comments and WELCOME to the new followers! I actually have a few project submissions that I can't wait to share with you in the next couple of weeks. It's so exciting to see people really take an interest in loving where they live. There are a lot of talented bloggers out there - I can't wait to show you some more right here! If you haven't entered the giveaway, you have until Friday night to enter!


I had a fantastic professor in college who always talked about the "KISS" Principle - KISS standing for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Well, now that I have children and we discourage the use of the "s" word - I'm going to go with
Keep It Simple, Sister.

I love finding a diamond in the rough, creating something out of nothing, etc. just as much as all of you! However, I always scour the Clearance shelves and end-caps at my favorite stores to find things that will work for a need I have in my home. Because as much fun as it is to make something out of nothing, it takes time and energy - something that I'm sure we all have an overabundance of (NOT)!

Example: I needed new throw pillows. Didn't need as in "want a new color." (Which is a justifiable need, in my opinion!) I mean NEED as in lumpy (some might say mildy smelly) throw pillows that HAD to GO. I had big plans to sew pillow covers (although I have about zero experience sewing) and find the perfect fabric, etc.

Then, while scouring the clearance racks at Target (one of my favorite places to treasure hunt) I found these babies:

For $4. That's right. $4. So I did what any crazy self-respecting person would do, I cleaned them out (they had two) and tried desperately to track down a few more at any area Targets. (To no avail, I might add.)

Here are some other recent Clearance finds that have been much SIMPLER to just buy new on clearance than try to hunt down at Goodwill or on Craigslist.

Mirror, Target. $10. It's a huge mirror that looks great on the wall, and the wicker is growing on me.

Storage baskets for kids/hubby junk, Hobby Lobby. $2. (I really don't have that much wicker in my house - this and a magazine basket in the living room are about the extent of it.)

Which leads me to my next point - even if it's on sale, don't buy it if you don't love it. Then it just turns into clutter. Clutter bought on sale, yes, but clutter nonetheless.

Conversely, don't walk away from it if you DO love it (and can afford it). I've learned, too many times, by the time you decide you want it and come back, it's gone and you just end up dreaming about what might have been. (Okay, maybe that's just me.) Most stores will let you return the item with a receipt if you really decide you don't like it. (Although some clearance items are final-sale only, so just check where you shop.)

So, that's my KISS principle I have had to apply in my home life. I love a good before and after project, but in areas where you can keep it simple - DO IT!

Do you have any good clearance tips???


  1. I love those pillows! Great finds. I actually got my throw pillows on clearance from Wal-mart many moons ago and I still like them. I also have to say this blog is starting to inspire me(that takes a lot in the home decorating department). I was sitting and staring at the dinning room curtains while we where eating supper tonight. The window looks awful.. Maybe I can make it look good again maybe. :) Thanks for this blog!!

  2. Great find on the pillows! Does this mean you're not going to sew slipcovers anymore? Or just not as many? I'm still willing to help. We need to get on it before December. :)

  3. Those are cute pillows for $4.00! I just scored an $11.00 black & white dust ruffle from Target a few days ago. Those pillows would've been perfect...can I hate you for having them? Just kidding...good for you!

  4. I love the pillows...I'm deciding whether or not I want to make a headboard bench for my dining room/kitchen area. If I do, I've envisioned it w/white, black and lime green throw pillows...

  5. Those pillows are GORGEOUS! I have a secret love affair with anything Black and White! I can't believe they were $4! You can't even buy a pillow form for that cheap, let alone the price after you add your own fabric.. great find!

  6. Oh PS, I loved finding your blog because my email on my crafty blog (mycreativeattempts) is actually How fun! Great minds think alike!

  7. Very cute Nat! I guess we need to go shoppin together, huh?