Monday, September 21, 2009

Because It's Monday & A Giveaway

I'm not very productive on Mondays...just recuperating from a crazy weekend and time together as a family! So I thought I would post a quick (literally 5 minutes and however long it takes your glue gun to heat up...) and easy project that anybody with a "case of the Mondays" (name that movie) could do.

It happened to be my 6th wedding anniversary this weekend, and my husband brought me a wonderful basket of mums as an anniversary surprise. I loved them because I had wanted to bring a little fall to my front porch.

Here they are straight in the planter from the garden store. Not bad, but I had five minutes to kill before we left for our date, so I decided to make it look not so straight-from-the-store.

I just took some leftover yummy fall-like brown ribbon and got my glue gun and went to work!

I made sure I started in the back of the planter, where the wood strip meets.

Finished product! Not bad for free and 5 minutes!

Tomorrow I'm going to post my first giveaway! I have been totally inspired by a few giveaways on some awesome sites, that I thought I would try and share the love. So....check back tomorrow for details on how to enter to win your own set of chalkboard labels! Perfect as the holiday gift-giving season (yeah, I just went there) is just around the corner!

P.S. The movie quote above is from a total classic (in my opinion), "Office Space".


  1. I just realized I don't even own a glue gun! How sad. Your planter looks great. The ribbon really adds some elegance to it.

  2. I have the hardest time gluing satin ribbon with my hot glue gun, it always turns out so lumpy.. would you share your secret??

  3. I can't believe how much you're able to accomplish in a day!

  4. AHH! This is totally adorable. I just decided I love your blog!

  5. That made such a cute improvement to the bucket! I have one sitting outside on my porch.... I need to find my glue gun and add some ribbon! How cute!