Monday, September 28, 2009

Bath Cabinet Update (oh, and a winner....)

Thanks AGAIN for the fabulous comments and new followers! Now don't be shy and send me your projects! I did get a couple of great ones that I'm so excited to show you guys in the next week.

I'm so excited to announce the winner of the first ever (definitely more to was so fun reading everybody's comments!) giveaway! But first.....another great before and after project from one of you!

My friend Anjeanette sent me these pictures and I just have to share them. What an amazing transformation. Here's what she said:

Here's my latest project in my guest bathroom.
I didn't care for the wood finish that was in there, so I decided to change it.

I first sanded it a little, then put a fresh coat of white paint on.

I then glazed it with a brown paint, and wiped it off. I had to sand quite a bit of the brown off to get the look that I wanted. I then brushed on a clear coat of varnish. I then put hardware on them. I think it turned out pretty good.

Yeah, Anj, good is an understatement! I think the white was a total improvement, so I LOVE that you decided to go even a step further and it looks fantastic. GREAT job!

If you have a project or recipe you would like me to post, I would LOVE to share it. Just email me at:

OK, now on to the good stuff.....the winner of the giveaway!
Heather L. said...

Love the little labels! So cute! I'd love to win, thanks for the opportunity =)

Congratulations, Heather! Email me at to let me know what kind of labels you want.

Stay tuned, there's more fun coming up this week!


  1. LOVE the cabinets! Is there a reason to use brown paint instead of stain? I've always used stain but have wondered if brown paint would be better or different.

  2. Great make-over. Did you do the sink counter? if not do you know how to update it without buying a new one. Thanks.

  3. I used brown paint because that is what I had on hand. From my experience the only difference is paint does dry a little faster than stain, probably making paint a little harder to work with, because using stain you might have more time to work the brown how you want it. Probably why I had to sand down parts that I didn't like so much, that ended up drying too dark. I think either way, you could get the same look.

    As far as the counter, no I didn't change it, but really want to now. You can't really tell from the pics but they don't match at all now. It's my guest bath, so it's the one my kids use, so there's really no easy fix, to keep in durable. I am looking at inexpensive layovers to use. Don't know when it will happen.